This post contains a list of SWTOR podcasts that are actively maintained; they’re a great source of news, information, discussion and entertainment.

If you haven’t started listening to any podcasts yet, you should consider giving them a go. Each podcast has their own way of doing things, so I’d recommend trying each until you find those that suit your interests / tastes.

If you find any of the information on this page to be out-of-date or incorrect, get in touch and we’ll correct it as soon as possible.

Without further ado…

Bad Feeling Podcast

Website: | Format: Audio

Chuck and Brian, natives of Austin, Texas, talk about the game that has consumed their lives. While they may not be experts, they’re damn entertaining as they host what is probably the most explicit of the SWTOR podcasts.

Beyond the Stars

Website: | Format: Audio, Video

Agent Olan, Sith Lord Korv and Kinbrae the Smuggler provide a comedic look into the galaxy, as they cover the topics that you want to hear, as well as pressing issues effecting the community.

The Boomy Show

Website: | Format: Audio

A unique and flamboyant approach to SWTOR and other games. Boomy tackles the Old Republic with enthusiasm.

Casual Core Radio

Website: | Format: Audio

Casual Core Radio is a general MMO podcast that covers a healthy amount of SWTOR news. Hosts Joe and Drew regularly discuss how they would approach things, if they were developers.

Corellian Run Radio

Website: | Format: Audio, Video

Hosts Jason and Heather highlight SWTOR news, events, patches, developer notes and press releases, as well as talking about their experiences in the game they love.

Escape Pod Cast

Website: | Format: Audio

MaxTheGrey and AIESema send their astromech droid to bring you the latest SWTOR news, as well as their fun take on news. Rotating segments include: All The Things, Ask Us Anything, Altered Deal and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Old Republic Radio

Website: | Format: Audio

Nepthen is joined by co-hosts Alexius and R’akar to talk about the game, and cover tips, tricks and tactics to help you get the most out of your gameplay.


Website: | Format: Audio

Co-hosts Teo and Chill are joined by guests to discuss the latest news and happenings in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Regular segments include Tip of the Week, Holofeed, Community, Force Feedback, Sarlaac Digest, and interviews with members of the community.

Podcasts don’t get much more informative than this.

Passionately Casual Podcast

Website: Format: Audio,

Jessie and JT put this podcast out for their guilds and the larger SWTOR Community with news, Star Wars tidbits and unexpected interviews emphasizing positive community and healthy gaming.

The Usual Podcast

Website:| Format: Audio

Join Marshall and Will as they talk about the things they love: SWTOR, Geek and Pop Culture and Star Wars – and whatever else they feel like.