Optimizing your PC for SWTOR

This guide appears courtesy of Jason Taylor of Corellian Run Radio and Passionately Casual Podcast.  He explains how to upgrade your SWTOR experience in a few easy steps. The guide features the work of content-creator Vulkk.


When you do an upgrade or fresh install of Windows, you will most likely need to re-install SWTOR. That in itself is not all that hard, but sometimes there are hiccups or ways you wish the personalization of the game would be faster. Through my trials I am hoping that some of these links will help you avoid frustration and save some time, so you can get back into SWTOR sooner.

The first one I found out of necessity was dealing with adjusting the screen resolution settings. Normally, all these changes are done through the game settings. However, what do you do when you start the game and can not see the window for the game? I had to find out this answer. Thank goodness that Marked-Man Gaming created a YouTube video to answer this very question. It involves going into your AppData and adjusting the ini file for game settings. This sounds crazy hard to do, relax because I will post the link for this video. He does a great job explaining exactly what to do.

Courtesy of Marked Man Gaming


Next, I recommend installing the DirectX 9 library since the game was designed for this specific DirectX. Here is a link from swtorstrategies.com that talks about doing this and features a video by Vulkk.



Speaking of Vulkk, I also found a couple other videos by him with some helpful time saving tips and advice. In the first one, Vulkk explains how to copy part of an ini file so you can have the exact same chat tabs, colors etc. on any of your characters. If you have several alts or are OCD and need all your chat colors the exact same, this is the video for you.


The other Vulkk video is a great one on keybinding and a few UI advice. If you have wanted to better understand keybinding and why it might be helpful this video is a great help. Vulkk also suggests a few UI tips to make it a bit more useful.


Finally, setting up your UI all again can be a daunting task, especially if new to the game or didn’t have your UI settings saved. SWTOR Interfaces has a whole selection of UIs to possibly suit what you need or at least close. Another feature of this site is you can upload your UI layouts. This would be great for sharing with others or another way to backup your UI.

Link to a great place to find SWTOR Interfaces to download

I hope that some of these links and videos will help as you get your SWTOR optimized and customized exactly how you want it. Remember if you have any tips or helpful websites regarding SWTOR, send the information in an email to us at passionately.casual@gmail.com 

~ JT

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