SWTOR April Developer Livestream recap

SWTOR April Developer Livestream recap

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This month’s developer livestream featured Charles Boyd, Ben Irving, and Eric Musco.


  • Please continue to report ingame spam in chat and mail, they are working on it.
  • Chapter XII: A couple small bugs in early access but nothing major so far, fixes on Thursday. This chapter is focused on the Force but there is something for all classes.
  • Ak’ghal Usar Alliance recruitment mission “not replacing Khem Val”
  • Visionary Pack: Jedi Strategist armor which is inspired by something worn in Ch. XII
  • Shoutout to TorFashion and Dulfy for showing these items on their sites
  • “Great Mount Debate” Marsh Hunter Acklay Mount from the new pack  or the Savage Nexu– which is cooler? http://strawpoll.me/7289709/ Results: Acklay: 68%  Nexu: 32%. From the chat the winner is Dinasaurs.
  • Odessen Proving Grounds is the only Warzone that will pop in queue between now and Thursday so they can finetune it. Risha Cove Area and Season 7 Ranked are out.
  • QOL improvements for guilds, Instance yourself to PvE or PvE. servers are no longer designated as PvE, PvP or RP.
  • May subscriber rewards Hk-55 inspired ship droid customization if you are subbed by May 1.
  • May the Fourth: Reward M4-I6 Zakuulan-inspired astromech droid, Double XP, Musco Marathon Livestream- will play Fallen Empire through (13 chapters) with guests and giveaways
  • Eternal Championship will be out in 4 weeks- Brutal gladiatorial fight and will tie in with Bowdaar’s Allaince recruitment mission (Bowdaar owns a bar!). This is a nod to KOTOR Taris arena.  You can get tokens to buy stuff from vendors, acheivements and titles, decos added to bosses to encourage ongoing play of Eternal Championship. PTS up for one more week with this content.
  • Profit and Plunder: Chapter XIII companions Gault and Vette coming back! Will be a humorous chapter and a lot of fun!
  • Vulkk gets a shoutout as an outstanding community content provider!


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