May the Fourth SWTOR Livestream

May the Fourth SWTOR Livestream

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This month’s developer livestream featured Charles Boyd, Ben Irving, and Eric Musco.


  • Error 508 that was keeping people from being able to patch has been fixed
  • Win Trading in ranked PvP will not be tolerated, report it if you see it
  • Eternal Championship live for solo and groups
  • Profit and Plunder live, come play and enjoy  Vette, Gault, and Bowdaar and hear the voice actors do their best wookiee voices
  • Plunderer Pack out, they had a contest and asked chat to pick their favorite items (Charles: Load lifter, Eric: StarDrive, Ben; Fallen Defender Armor) and raffled off an item (3 winners)
  • Lightning weapon tuning is now out, let the devs know if there is a weapon you ‘d like to see it on
  • Gault Commemorative Statue is now in the new packs
  • 50% off all collection unlocks until May 10
  • Community Showcase: SWTORISTA Academy, TOR Fashion, Vulkk, xLetalis for their contributions to players, especially newer players with their videos
  • NVIDIA #BuildYourAlliance Contest winners Playlist: LINKED HERE


  • Subscriber Rewards: Ship Droid HK-55 just came out as most recent sub reward
  • Eternal Empire Patroller Speeder is the next Sub reward for June
  • May the Fourth Promotions:  Astromech droid in your mailbox now, Free trial of Ch 1 for new players, double XP going now
  • Next Sunday Eric will do a marathon stream and give stuff away, he will do all the KotFE content to now
  • Eternal Champion Speedrun Contest: Enter through Fastest run wins tickets for 2 to Star Wars Celebration London including airfare
  • The Story So Far Contest:  Finish Ch. 13  and be entered to win a Zakuul Drop Ship and Armor set, every five days they will randomly choose winners
  • Mandalore the Avenger is next chapter- Shae Vizla and Torian Chapter return for 14, June 1 for early access
  • Alliance Recruitment mission coming is Broonmark
  • A teaser for CH 14 was played



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