Frozen in Carbonite?

Frozen in Carbonite?

Greetings fellow SWTOR enthusiasts!

You may have noticed a drop in activity on SWTOR Network lately. This is the result, not of a lack of love for the game, which we assure you, we have in great measure, but rather a marked lack of time within which to do the RL activities required of us. Olib is quite busy with work and Stardust is swamped with work and an international move coming up fast.  We want to provide thoughtful content and quality links and not just holo it in, so to speak. We very much hope to have more fantastic community content available in the near future, but we can’t give you a firm ETA. So we will make use of the Bioware-patented “Soon”.  Happy and safe travels to you all through the galaxy and we will see you in hyperspace, friends!

With respect,

Olib and Stardust

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