Odessen Proving Grounds Warzone Guide

Odessen Proving Grounds Warzone Guide



Here is the new Warzone guide from XamXamSays.com

Hey everyone,

Here is a guide to Star Wars The Old Republic’s newest Warzone, Odessen Proving Grounds!

Odessen Proving Grounds is a new, unique Warzone which is highly tactical and favors more coordinated teams who play objectively and are aware of the map and their surroundings.


Last UPDATED: 5th April 2016. 

This guide is based on PTS testing but is accurate for launch. Only difference between last WZ PTS test session and Game Update 4.3 launch will be bug fixes. 

I will keep this guide updated as best I can. Hopefully it will help you understand this new Warzone. It can be a lot of fun once you understand what is going on!

The Basics

Odessen Proving Grounds is basically a King of the Hill type map. There are two teams, Team Gold and Team Purple. The first team to get 600 points wins. To earn points, you capture Control Points by standing in them for 4 seconds. They spawn randomly in 5 different parts of the map. In each round there are a varying number of Control Points available to capture.

Additionally, there are Battle Mods, which aide your team by increasing the points you gain or stopping the other team from gaining points.

The key to understanding and then excelling at this new Warzone is to learn and familiarise yourself with the map.

The Map

Below is the map of Odessen Proving Grounds which shows where everything of note is. This Warzone is, for the most part, on one level and does mimic the Alliance Base from KOTFE to some degree.



Ready to go? Read the full guide Here

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